Work & do internship while you study in Australia



Written by:

Anna Kislova

Working while you study can be a good idea, as it’s not just about money, but also an experience and exposure.

Wide range of industries offer variety of opportunities: from Retail to Agriculture, Hospitality to Tutoring and Clerical roles. All depends on your work experience and existing qualifications.

Thought of volunteering? There are many NGOs in Australia which always need some help. It’s so much about hands on work experience which gives back to the society you live in.

While working, do not forget about your rights that protect entitlement to a minimum wage, breaks, healthy and safe work environment.

Internship is a great way to gain professional experience in well established companies. They can be paid or unpaid. To learn more about internship opportunities, you can get in touch with Planet Education team in Australia and send your CV to

Tips to Find Work and Internships

  • Create a strong CV
  • Register on job websites
  • Check with your University International student support center about latest options institution may offer
  • Get advice of Recruitment Firms
  • Develop strong network, get referred!