Why Study in Australia?


February, 2017

Written by: Amit

5 Top Reasons No One Told You That Makes Australia No.1 Choice for Indian Students

Dream of studying in Australia Delhi but confused which Australian Education consultants in Delhi to choose?

Australia with its eclectic mix of cultures, the world-class education system is the most popular choice for international education among Indian students. However, with so many universities and courses on offer, you need the best Australian education consultants in Delhi to make studying in Australia a success.

Why is Australia the No.1 Choice among Indian Students?

While it stands tall as the 3rd most popular destination for international students, Australia is the most preferred choice for its rich cultural diversity, global recognition, diversity of education and affordable education. Here are the 5 major reasons that students want to study in Australia Delhi and major cities across India.

Leading Global Education Powerhouse:

With probably world’s best facilities and educators, Australia provides Indian students with a diverse range of study options in both vocational and technical education. With 8 of the top 100 top universities in the world, an emphasis on practice-based learning together industry relevant curriculum, a vibrant campus life and an opportunity to work part-time in-order to fund their studied abroad makes Australia a compelling choice.

Student Friendly:

Did you know that 5 out of the 30 best student cities in the world are in Australia? The multi-cultural diversity ensures a friendly atmosphere and affordable cost of living that attracts students from across the world.

International, Innovative and Industry Relevant Courses:

Australian universities are world renowned for providing courses that expose the student to cutting-edge technology and develop skills and knowledge valued by employers. The deep ties with industry along with a vibrant and engaging student life ensure that Indian students are equipped with a global outlook, analytical skill and an entrepreneurial mindset that is highly sought after by employers. However, it is best to choose an expert and experienced Australian Education consultants in Delhi such as Planet Education to pick the right course that matches your future career goals.

Very Affordable

Living expenses and tuition costs of Australian universities is significantly less compared to other popular destinations of international education like USA, UK, and others. The affordable cost of living and various opportunities for part-time work make it a compelling choice.

Part-Time Work Opportunities And 2 Year Post-Study Work Visa

The 20-hour work opportunity in a week during the academic session and highest minimum wage rate of $18.29 gives students ample opportunities to learn new skills, complement their studies with real-world business skills. International students further have the opportunity to apply for a post-study work visa after completing their masters and work for 2 years in Australia.

If you plan to study in Australia Delhi has best Australian education consultants to give you expert guidance, but none better than Planet Education. A trusted and reliable international education leader since 1999, Planet Education represents over 300 universities worldwide and has close to 100% visa success rate. Give your dreams to study in Australia a head start today! Choose the best Australian Education Consultants in Delhi and explore the world of big opportunities now.

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