why choose us ?

Studying abroad is not just an indicator of prestige and quality; it’s also an investment. It’s where the path to a successful career begins. It’s a unique opportunity to broaden horizons and to gain invaluable knowledge and skills. It’s how you become a citizen of the world. Planet Education, a partner you can rely on in the field of foreign education, offers you a range of services:


  • Counseling and course selection
  • Application for admission
  • Coaching for standardized tests
  • Visa application
  • Pre-departure preparation and orientation
  • Post-landing services

Counseling & Course selection

Our trained team of experienced counselors understand that studying abroad is a once in a lifetime decision that impacts a student’s career and personal life. We also understand that students are often confused by the overload of information on the net and by agents in the market. Well aware of these issues, we, thus, provide a one-stop solution to students ensuring clarity of purpose. Our team is trained to impart unbiased advice based on the student’s career goals and his/her academic, personal, and financial profile. Our offices are fully equipped to provide advice on study options in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. As this decision also involves considerable financial investment, our team ensures that you choose a program and university based on the following parameters:


  • Long term career prospects
  • Ranking
  • Cost factor
  • Part time and post study work regulations
  • Legal work permit and migration opportunities

Application for admission

Our team assists students in making accurate applications to the universities of their choice, augmenting the approval possibilities. We provide efficient editing services to students to help them put their best foot forward in the applications. In other words, we ensure that you get the offer letter from the universities of your choice.

Coaching for

standardized tests

Standardized tests are an important factor in your application. They also impact your visa success and, hence, should not be taken lightly. Planet’s coaching center has experts who train students for the following tests:

IELTS  |  PTE  |  TOEFL  |  GRE  |  GMAT  |  SAT  |  ACT

The intensive, rigorous, and carefully planned curriculum, delivered by highly qualified and trained faculties, groom the minds of young aspirants and sharpen their skills in the key areas of these standardized tests. Our curriculum go way beyond the requirements of the tests – we also aim to mould the personality, outlook, and attitude of our students. To make things more convenient for our students, this training is also available over Skype.

Visa Application

This is the most crucial step since simply having an offer of admission does not guarantee a visa to travel to the country of your choice. A visa refusal from one country can have an adverse effect on subsequent applications to other countries. This step should, thus, be taken carefully. Our expert team guides the students on essential pre-requisites for the procedure, thereby increasing the chances of success. Planet boasts of having close to a 100% visa success ratio. This success is attributed to the fact that we advise our students with honesty and integrity.


Preparation & Orientation

A majority of students who go abroad for higher studies have never travelled overseas. Most of them rely on friends and associates to assist them on arrival. The new environment can be daunting, with students losing confidence after a few false starts. Our team prepares students for success by holding workshops on the following:


  • Personality development
  • Soft skills training
  • The do’s and don’ts of studying abroad
  • Résumé preparation and interview skills (that are necessary for applying for part time and full time jobs)
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Immigration and post-study work permit regulations

Post-Landing Services

We are committed to ensuring that our students don’t face any issues post-arrival in the country of their choice. We provide the following services to students to ensure that they make a confident start:


  • Airport pick up
  • Accommodation
  • Internships
  • Résumé writing assistance
  • Guidance on work permit and other regulations