Want To Become Fluent in Foreign Language By Studying Abroad?
Here’s How..?


February, 2017

Written by: Amit

Want To Become Fluent in Foreign Language By Studying Abroad? Here’s How..

Do you think that studying abroad is your golden ticket to becoming fluent in English or other foreign languages?

While your study abroad consultants Mumbai may have led you to believe that by virtue of studying abroad you may automatically become fluent and master a foreign language like English, Spanish or others. However, it requires you to immerse yourself in the new culture to become fluent in a foreign language.

Top overseas educational consultants Mumbai agree that studying abroad can significantly improve your language learning skills, in fact, as little as one semester abroad is sufficient to vastly improve your foreign language skills, however, the longer the duration, of course, the more opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture.

5 Tips to Make Most of Overseas Education And Be Fluent in Foreign Language

1. Quality Interactions and Engagement

Learning a language requires quality effort, engagement, and initiative on the part of international students who must actively seek learning opportunities. You may engage in various campus activities and student communities to surround yourself with people who want to help you learn a foreign language. You can also have a buddy system in place in your college and have a person as your guide and buddy to teach each other a foreign language in tandem, thus there is mutual learning.

2. Get Involved in Student Communities On- Campus and Off- Campus

Participation in various on-campus activities allows you to a chance to interact with native speakers of your target language. Get involved in student associations, clubs or communities on campus, or look for a vibrant local community, internships, and part-time work opportunities where you regularly run into the same group of people and become a part of the target community.

3. Be A Proactive Language Learner

Proactively engage with target language users. Get into the habit of intentionally doing small tasks that engage you with the foreign language of choice to help you not only increase your vocabulary but also helps you build fluency skills. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, for instance, are some of the world’s best student-friendly cities and have a vibrant multi-diversity culture, how about searching online for hobby groups or any activity to interact on-campus or off-campus with locals who want to do the same.

4. Slow and Steady

Learning language like any skills takes time and steady consistent efforts; therefore give you sufficient time to gradually pick up proficiency. As you interact with student community, friends, employers’ off-campus, you will see yourself gaining fluency and achieving proficiency.

5. Capitalize Diversity

Study abroad is a great opportunity to explore new cultures and chart a successful global career, however, it demands that you be open to other cultures and embrace their differences. While Indian students are notorious for staying confined within the Indian community and social groups, if you want to make the most of your study abroad, you’ll have to be proactive and shed your inhibitions.

Expert Tips From Education Consultants Mumbai to Study Abroad?

Study abroad is an incredible way to immerse yourself into a new culture and build proficiency in a foreign language. Therefore leading overseas educational consultants Mumbai like Planet Education, therefore, conducts pre-departure orientation workshops and seminars to ensure a smooth transition of students for a successful and rewarding international education.

Want to know more how to build language proficiency overseas? Simply walk in for a personal counselling with our expert study abroad consultants Mumbai at Planet Education office.

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