MAY, 2017

Written by:

Anna Kislova


Sydney is the biggest city in Australia with population more than 4,5 million people. It’s the capital of New South Wales and situated in South-West coast of the country.

Studying in Sydney opens new horizons for everyone who chooses it for studies. It’s one of the cities where life is culturally rich and exciting.

Apart from the sunshine, food culture and relaxed lifestyle that everybody enjoys, Sydney has been rated as one of the top student cities in the world. That’s why it takes pride as one of the top destination for international students.

And there are many reasons why.

  • High quality education, research and technology
  • Internationally recognized courses
  • Best student life
  • Lovely weather
  • A lot of events
  • Modern facilities
  • Cultural diversity
  • Developed public transportation

A degree from Sydney will be valuable anywhere you go.

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