Top 15 Jobs in Demand in Canada 2017-18

SEP, 2017

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Ezaz Sojatwala

Top 15 Jobs in Demand in Canada 2017-18

One of the important factor of many while selecting the preferred country for Higher education obviously remains “Jobs”. As it is very important to know how safe and secure your future is. So let’s have a look on 15 jobs that will pay you well enough in Canada.

Designation: Primary Production Managers

Average Salary: $69,830


Production management jobs have the highest projected growth rate for 2011-2020, at 3.02%.

Students can select courses like Manufacturing Management, Project Management, Industrial Automation.

Designation: Physicians and Dentists

Physician Average Salary: $116,000

Dentist Average Salary: $116,000


Health care is an evergreen industry and as Canada’s population ages, opportunities for doctors and dentists aggravate.

Courses like Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Paramedics, Occupational Health care, etc can give you these jobs.

Designation: Registered Nurses

Average Salary: $66,000


Registered nurses are among those most in demand in the health care field.

Students can select courses like Nursing, Practical Nursing, etc can enter this field.

Designation: HR Recruiters

Average Salary: $44,000


HR managers are always in demand in Canada due to growing companies.

There are a lot many courses related to Human Resource Management are available in Canada.

Designation: Information Security Analysts

Average Salary: $66,000


Businesses in Canada wants to protect their data and find extreme solutions to prevent security breaches.

Courses like Information Security Management and Cyber Security can fetch such jobs.

Designation: Marketing Analysts

Average Salary: $51,000


People that can come up with good business strategies are always in demand, especially in business centres like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Students can opt for courses like Business Analytics, Data Analytics and Research Analytics.

Designation: Education Jobs

High School Teacher Average Salary: $51,583


There is a great need of skilled teachers, counselors and education services managers.

Select courses like education Management, Masters or Bachelors in Education to catch hold of this field.

Designation: Engineers

Engineer Average Salary: $65,392


Mechanical, Computers, Civil are the top most branches that has the highest job opportunities.

Designation: Logistics Workers and Managers

Logistics Manager Average Salary: $64,000


Due to Canada’s sheer size and the rise of e-commerce, people who can organize the storage, transportation and delivery of goods across the country are in high demand.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management is one of the most popular course available in Canada.

Designation: Accountants

Average Salary: $50,000


Accountants top the list of in-demand professionals in the field of commerce.

Opt of courses like Accounting practice, Financial Planning, etc. and become a CPA in Canada.

Designation: Financial Analysts

Average Salary: $58,000


Again after Accounting, Finance is the best chosen sector by students. Cities like Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal with strong business sectors will be good places to look for finance jobs too.

Designation: Lawyers

Logistics Manager Average Salary: $76,000


As fewer people choose law as a career, opportunities for qualified lawyers will grow. These include jobs for criminal defence and corporate lawyers.

Designation: Tourism and Hospitality Professionals

Average Salary: $50,256


Canada is one of the best Tourist Destination. Need for chefs as well as restaurant and food service managers are in demand.

There are a lot of Hospitality and Tourism related courses available in Canada.

Designation: Physiotherapist

Average Salary: $50,000


Health, Fitness and Wellness are one of the needs for the growing population in Canada.

Designation: Office Managers and Administrative Assistants

Office Manager Average Salary: $46,000

Administrative Assistant Average Salary: $37,000


Where there are offices, there is a demand for office managers and administrative assistants with a good ability to multitask.

Office Administration, Project Management are the courses that are available in Canada colleges.


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