Why Study Abroad at The University of Western Australia?

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is among the best places to study in the country to pursue higher education. Whether you want to study in one of the undergraduate programs or postgraduate programs, this public research university can help you achieve your dreams.

‘Seek wisdom’ is the motto of UWA that has students from different parts of the world including India. They offer a wide range of courses to choose from along with international courses as well.

University of Western Australia Study Abroad – Top Reasons

For students planning to go abroad to Western Australia for higher education, this university should make to the top of your list. Here are some reasons for that:

Globally Recognized

The University Of Western Australia is globally recognized with its main campus at Perth. It was established in the year 1911 and is the seventh best university here. It is ranked 125th in the world.

Study Abroad at The University of Western Australia
Flexible Courses

The colleges under UWA offer a flexible course structure. Moreover, education and learning is fun here. The structure is based on a global model and suitable for candidates coming from varied backgrounds. The courses under colleges at this university prepare you to face challenges that you would face in this rapidly changing world and increases your career opportunities too.


The UWA offers scholarships too. Scholarships are available for students on merit basis. If you aim at scholarships, consult us for guidance and we can guide you through the application process.

Cost of Living & Studying

Many students do not make it to many universities in the USA and UK due to the exceptionally high accommodation cost. However, in Australia, the cost of accommodation and education are not that high. You can work part-time to pay for your cost of living & studying including accommodation easily. In addition, if you manage to get through scholarships, accommodation expenses would be taken care of by the university.

A Top Research University

UWA is among the top research colleges & universities in the country. It is also a member of the Worldwide Universities Network, comprising of the best 18 research universities around the world. The faculty consists of professors like Marshall who won the Nobel Prize in the year 2005.

Great Placements

It has been seen in a recent research, that graduates of this university exceed the average salary in the country. Therefore, if your dream is to go abroad for higher studies, this is a great place to be.

Cultural Diversity

A major percentage of students in the university comprises of people from other countries of the world. By learning here, you can learn about their different cultures, their countries, and their people, which eventually would help you in gaining knowledge beyond your textbooks.

Being located in one of the safest countries for the Indian students, this university is the right choice, if you are looking for colleges for overseas education. Simply fill in the application form, follow the visa process to get here.

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