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Event Schedule


 12th May 2018
 11:30AM – 5:00PM
 City: Ahmedabad
Venue: Planet Education Office


 19th May 2018
 2:30PM – 4:00PM
 City: Delhi
Venue: Planet Education Office


 20th May 2018
 2:00PM – 5:00PM
 City: Hyderabad
Venue: Planet Education Office


  • Admission requirements for MBBS/Nursing
  • Information on scholarships for MBBS program
  • Benefits of studying in Cyprus


Financial Needs Scholarships are available for both medical degree programmes:

  • For Graduate Entry MBBS applicants the scholarship can cover up to 30% of annual tuition fees
  • For Undergraduate MD applicants, the scholarship can cover up to 20% of annual tuition fees

Academic scholarships are also available to high achieving Graduate Entry MBBS applicants.

About University of Nicosia

  • Largest university in Southern Europe that teaches primarily in English
  • Largest university in Cyprus
  • 11,000+ students from 70 countries; 100+ degree programs
  • Modern campus and up to date facilities
  • 1st and largest Medical School in Cyprus
  • The Medical school has a unique partnership with St George’s, University of London, one of the top 250 universities in the world.
  • #1 in the world for Blockchain and Digital Currency education.
  • The University’s Doctoral, Master and Bachelor Degrees are fully recognized and structured within the framework of the Bologna Accord. The University of Nicosia is a member of the European Universities Association. the European Foundation for Quality Management, Erasmus, and is one of a few universities in the European Union that has received both the Diploma Supplement Label and the ECTS Label.

Courses Available

4 Year St George’s, University of London Graduate Entry MBBS

  • Graduate with a UK Primary Medical Degree from St George’s, University of London
  • Degree program delivered in English
  • Opportunity to complete Years 3 and 4 Clinical Years in Baltimore, USA

6 Year Undergraduate Doctor of Medicine Degree

  • Graduate with a Doctor of Medicine or MD degree awarded by the University of Nicosia
  • Degree programme delivered in English
  • This medical programme follows the accreditation standards of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (

BSc Nursing

  • Graduate with a Nursing degree recognised in all EU countries
  • Applicants who have completed a BSc in Nursing may gain up to 2 Years credit
  • Degree programme is offered in English


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I have done my research on internet and this is how i came to know about Planet Education, reading reviews. And i’m glad that i have chosen them. Their team in Ahmedabad is very cooperative and they give the best of their knowledge and support to each student.

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