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Queensland is Australia’s second largest state and holds a reputation as a centre of excellence with its world-class education and beautiful landscape. You’ll feel at home in Queensland’s safe, vibrant and relaxed environment that attracts students from more than 160 countries each year.

Why Study in Brisbane/ Queensland?

World-ranked top Universities

A centre of excellence and a popular destination for international students, Brisbane offers plenty of opportunities to learn and grow for international students. Home to some of the world’s top universities in the world, Queensland’s world-class education system, beautiful environment and laidback lifestyle offers numerous benefits and opportunities.

Queensland is Affordable

A standout factor that attracts millions of international students to Queensland is its affordability. Brisbane, Gold Coast among others cities in Queensland have one of the lowest costs of living in comparison to other Australian cities. From transport to accommodation to meals, you will never have to compromise because your dollar will go a long way to get you value for money.

Student-friendly, Safe and Welcoming

Queensland is a cultural experience and known for warm, welcoming community. International students find it easy to adjust and quickly feel a part of the community. From hosting Australia’s largest city orientation day to personally experiencing the multi-cultural diversity through its festivals held throughout the year, Queensland offers the perfect place to give your global career a great start.

Top Universities in Queensland

University of Queensland

Queensland University of Technology

Central Queensland University

James Cook University

Griffith University

University of Southern Queensland

Living and Accommodation in Brisbane

While you study in this amazing city, there are accommodations options to suit everybody – from rental to home-stay in high-quality, safe student accommodation. From budget accommodations like hostels that offer cheap, short-term accommodation to student accommodations and apartments on or near the campus that include shared facilities which usually are semi or fully furnished.

Employment Opportunities

International students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight while they are studying, and can work full time during their semester breaks. Suburbs have a thriving business ecosystem that opens a wide range of part-time or post-study opportunities across a range of industries and business types. There are graduate opportunities available in Queensland, across a range of industries and business types. Organizations often start recruiting a year in advance for graduates to fill positions. GradAustralia helps students find graduate positions and internships. They also produce the eBook Australia’s Top 100 Graduate Employers, available for download from their website.

High-Quality Education and Training Delivered

Brisbane and Queensland at large offer you more than just high-quality education; it offers you an unparalleled study abroad experience that future proofs you. Discover a new way of life in Brisbane and Queensland with a plethora of activities across sports, arts, nature and more.

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