Study Business

Study Business and Management

Management and business courses are among the most popular, and include subjects such as business administration, finance, accounting, economics, marketing, management, human resources and operations management.

Students planning a master degree, can opt for: MA, MSc or MBA.

Study Business and Management

MBA remains very popular and aims at those who have already gained professional experience in management roles (at least two or three years and often more, especially for an Executive MBA). Other degrees in business typically require less or no professional background at all.

MA or MSc in Business usually provide opportunities for greater specialization with a framework created to help students become experts in a specific field. Whereas MBAs are based on company-related projects and ‘case studies’.

Study Business and Management

Graduates of business degrees have always been in a high demand, and considering fast and challenging economic climate, a deeper knowledge of international business or other fields is significant for any specialist.

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