Study Accounting

Study Accounting

Accounting is perfect for students with a good knack for numbers and analysis, a driving interest in business and attention for detail. 

Accounting degrees may be offered as a Bachelor/Master of Arts (BA) in Accounting, or as a Bachelor/Master of Science in Accounting. Some universities offer dual degrees, combining it with finance, business management or economics.

One of the requirements to study accounting is a strong background and interest in mathematics, statistics and business.


Graduates may work with different scale organizations in commercial sector, government or even non-profit as:

  • Accountant
  • Financial consultant
  • Auditor
  • Business analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Auditor
  • CFO- Chief Financial Officer
  • Government Accounting
  • Tax Accountant
  • Others

Every student may choose a different branch of accounting, but with more experience and more opportunities, one can make it up to CFO and other high level positions. But the career path will start with the solid foundation of the degree.

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