"We are happy"

This is Esha. Currently she is studying in University of Technology, Sydney (Australia), and besides being a student she is their proud Brand Ambassador.

Studying abroad is a life changing experience full of stories and adventures. We asked Esha few questions about her journey towards big goals and dreams. Let’s begin!

Why and how have you decided to go to Australia?

I was always aspired to go to a different country for my Bachelors and to be honest it was a very tough decision to choose which country I would like to opt for. However, after a lot of brain storming and guidance received from Planet Education I decided to go to Australia. I am glad that I made the right decision of coming here and being into one of the Australia’s best university.

How did your family and friends react on this decision?

It’s always hard to make a decision to stay away from family and friends. But they were very happy and they seemed very positive about my decision. They have always supported me and I am grateful about it.

How is it to live far from your country?
It’s certainly a life time experience. There are good and harsh memories but the best thing is you learn to deal with them. The exposure gained is valuable and I reckon each student at some point in their life must try to live alone and live life independently.

What do you like about studying in Australia?
The practicality and technological driven educational curriculum is the best thing here in Australia. It is extremely important to learn beyond the bookish knowledge and be updated with the real industrial experience in 21st century. I believe along with theoretical knowledge I also possess analytical skills to see things in more realistic and practical way.

What surprised you the most?
Well, nothing as such. Things are quite easy to adapt here in Australia. It has a very welcoming and a flexible ambience.

How do you spend your free time?
I love going for a stroll at the beach and spend some quality time there amidst nature as Australia is known for its rich natural beauty. More frequently, I hang out with my friends and we plan out a dinner or a movie night.

What is your biggest challenge?

I am currently in my final year at UTS and my only challenge is to graduate with decent grades and establish my career in my preferred field.

What is your favorite memory so far?

My favorite memory will always be my first day at my University. I was exposed to my faculties and my subject materials and things seemed quite interesting. Every passing moment that day, constantly made me happy of my decision of coming here and making the best choice of my life.

What recommendations would you give to students willing to study abroad?

The only recommendation would be to learn to be flexible as there are heaps of opportunities and challenges when you decide to move out of your comfort zone. In order to enjoy to the fullest one has to learn to adapt to new situations and learn to be happy with it.

“Great team! Individual attention to all students and friendly atmosphere!”

Samarth Jaiswal

SAIBT leading to University of South Australia, Diploma of Information Technology leading to Bachelor of Information Technology

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Rushy Patel

University of Technology Sydney Master of Sport Management

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Ronak Gandhi

University of Technology Sydney Master of Engineering

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Raxit Gajera

University of Technology Sydney Master of Engineering

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Prit Desai

University of Technology Sydney Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning

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Paresh Mangukiya

University of Technology Sydney Master of Civil Engineering

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Nihar Shah

Otago Polytechnic Graduate Diploma in IT

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Naitik Keshwani

MIT Graduate Diploma in Accounting

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Kushal Mehta

University of Technology Sydney

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Krishna Bhogawala

Florida Atlantic University Entrepreneurship

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Keyur Patel

University of Technology Sydney Master of Engineering

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Kapil Modi

University of Technology Sydney Master of Biomedical Engineering

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Jagrut Patel

University of Technology Sydney MPA

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Dhaval Mehta

University of Technology Sydney Master of Engineering

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Daisy Balal

University of Technology Sydney Masters in Information System

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Chirag Gajera

University of Technology Sydney Master of Engineering

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Atmiya Lad

Swinburne University MS in Professional Engineering

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Anjali Gohil

Edith Cowan University Master of Human Resources

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Anand Ajudiya

University of Tasmania Master of Applied Science

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Viren Jariwala

UTS Master of Professional Accounting

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Shrunad Patel

UTS Master of Professional Accounting

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Sagar Mistry

UTS MEM (Environmental)

“Hello everyone I am Chanaka. I applied for masters of human resource management through Planet Education in association with Ausstudy Gateway and arrived to Brisbane this morning. I specially thank Planet Education, Sri Lanka team for the given enormous support to me. Their service is excellent.
Their dedication helped me to come here on time. I recommend Planet Education, Sri Lanka in association with Ausstudy Gateway for every one who wishes to go to Australia for their higher education leading to a global career opportunity.”

Chanaka Samarakoon

Master Degree at CQU University

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Sagar Sindhi

University of Technology Sydney

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Zainab Kachwala

University of Western Australia

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Abhishek Sutariya

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Harsh Prajapati

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Kinjal Shah

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Manish Ayani

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Poyani Shah

I have a complaint. you treated me so well, I’m having a tough time finding something to complain about. I am really very very thankful to Planet Education staff and ‘Planet Education’ for their invaluable support and help.

Perez Mansuri

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Nilay Patel

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Yash Patel

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Mahavir Gohil

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Prajesh Shah

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Maya Bhavsar

Thank you so much to all the staff members for imparting excellent language skills in all the four modules. I really appreciate your support. I am very grateful! I have received 6.5 band in Writing and 6 band in rest of the modules. I will definitely recommend Planet Education to all my friends who are interested in IELTS.

Utsav Bhavsar

“When you are in dilemma where to go and what to choose for your future career, Planet Education gives perfect guidance.”


Planet Education did great job! Everything went great. I have met the best IELTS faculties and counselors there. And I would surely recommend them to all my friends who are planning to Study abroad.

Meet C. Parikh

“Faculties at Planet helped me in achieving the score I wanted. They guided me throughout the training period and helped in finding out my flaws.The Mock tests which I attended prior to my exam made me confident..I heartily thank all my trainers at Planet Education.”

Love Shah

“Fast process and proper guidance at every step. They helped me to choose the right university and the course. And I’m very grateful to Planet Education for that.”


“I am going to do Masters of Public Health in Perth. And I am very thankful to Planet Education for providing support and great guidance.”


“Planet Education guided me and helped me to cope up with my difficulties in English language and polished my vocabulary. I think between the comets of turbulence in the dark galaxy of fear I chose the right ‘Planet’.”

Umang Shukla

“Planet coaching has made me more Confident, enhanced my knowledge,fluency and vocabulary in English and boosted my self confidence. The faculty team was very motivating, friendly and understanding which will always help me look up in life in all my future endeavours. Thank you.”

Asmita Varsani

“We could have done our coaching in our state Punjab ,But my cousins and friends referred Planet coaching Ahmedabad heartily thank them all for giving me an excellent advice.We are very happy with the support and guidance we received in improving our extremely weak English language skills. Thank you Planet Education.”

Jagdeep & Navneet Pabla

“It was really a struggle for me to master the English language. However, after I enrolled myself in English classes with Planet Education, I started feeling much more comfortable with expressing myself in English. It was no longer a daunting task to read aloud a passage in English. My teachers were very patient and responsible. They provided a very nurturing environment for conducive learning.The dedicated teachers have also encouraged me to do my best and unleash my true potential. I must say, they are not only my teachers, they are also my friends, mentors, guides, all rolled into one person.They gave me access to library and many interesting books to improve my knowledge.I Thank Planet Education for opening ways to better future opportunities.”


“Planet Coaching helped me to improve my language skills and made me proficient enough to take the test. I became more confident by participating in group discussions and debate competition which helped me improve my overall skills and brought me close to my future dreams. Thank you team.”

Gurjyot Singh Saini

“Admist all the hustle bustle of competitive exams , I was looking for something that could guide me through the glory ; aiding with a correct and honest career prospects . Planet Education proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel of confusion for me.”

Karan Mistry

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“I was provided great services and many of my friends went to study abroad with Planet Education.
Now I study in Australia!”