Staying Safe While Studying in Australia


September, 2017

Staying Safe While Studying in Australia

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world!

Each of the 23 million people living in Australia knows the telephone number “000”. To you on any occasion come to the rescue: police, ambulance, emergency services, fire fighters, etc. They will come really in 10 minutes with one feeling – be the first (the time of arrival is fixed from the moment of receiving the call). The police are approached on all issues, from loss of keys from the front door, to the “arrival of guests from Mars”. All information is recorded in the host computer. Nothing is left without attention. Although Australia is safe place to live and study, it is important to reduce the risks of any accidents.

Leaving the house

When you spend time out alone at home or with friends, remember the following:

  • Always think about how you will return home, especially at night. You can call a taxi in advance or arrange transportation with friends. Always have enough money to get home.
  • Try to move with a friend or in a group
  • Keep the bag and other things nearby, where you can clearly see them.
  • Leave valuable things at home.
  • Do not carry large amounts of money with you. You can withdraw money from the card at ATMs in stores, supermarkets, gas stations, shopping malls, shop windows and many other public places.
  • In emergency situations, please call 000. Remember, calls to 000 are free.

Public transport

Public transport in Australia is reliable and widely distributed, especially in the metropolitan and urban areas. To ensure maximum safety for public transport passengers, various measures are taken, such as security services, good lighting and CCTV cameras. However, when traveling on public transport try to avoid isolated transportation stops and clarify the schedule of transport, not to wait for too long.


Here are some tips for taking a taxi in Australia: Sit down where you are most comfortable – it’s normal for passengers to sit in both the front seat and the back seat. Tell the driver the desired route to the destination and do not be afraid to protest if the driver chooses a different route, especially if he does not know you. If you do not want the driver to know exactly where you live, ask him to drop you off a short distance from home.

While you are in your University at any time of the day, observe the following safety guidelines.

Make sure you know which services and procedures are working in your university and district to ensure safety and respond to emergencies. Your university must provide you with this information either in the information kit or after your arrival. Contact your University directly to find out more.

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