Planet Education ties up with Australia Gateway in Colombo.

Planet Education recently tied up with Australian migration partner, Australia Gateway in Colombo to enter Sri Lankan market.

Planet Education CEO Gagan Singh said that Planet Education is rapidly expanding its overseas foot prints
“With the Australian government taking off Sri Lankan students from the high rise Visa category we expected the present 15% year on year growth to incense.”

Australia is the second home to over 100,000 Sri Lankans who had benefitted tremendously on almost every measure of excellence, from health to wealth, from success in business to educational attainment, says Susantha Katugampola.

“Out of these 100,000 Sri Lankans majority live in Melbourne, which clinched top spot for the fifth year in a row on the prestigious World’s Most Livable Cities List,” said Katugampola.

“Sri Lankan students who desire accomplishing undergraduate, post-graduate and professional studies and return back to Sri Lanka; could feel at home right here in Australia,” said Mr. Katugampala.

Planet Education in Sri Lanka is dedicated to promote Australian education to Sri Lankan students who are inspired to study in Australia. It can be Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Adelaide that the students can choose any Universities in Australia. Planet’s Australian branch offices can assist students when they are in Australia if they require assistance.

Australia is a rich, stable, well-run nation with good infrastructure and strong education and healthcare systems. Its strong multi-cultural influence and time zones make it an attractive destination for migrants from Asia in general and Sri Lankans.


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