Most desired destinations for education – Australia


July, 2017

Written by:

Anna Kislova

Most desired destinations for education – Australia

Growing Country

Australia is the third most popular destination for studying abroad. It is so desired because it has eight universities of top 100 universities in the world. Australia has always been growing, modern and has highly educated culture with a thirst for knowledge and research. Australia has contributed a lot to science through its research and discoveries, through quality educational opportunities, and international collaboration. It is located near fastest developing region, Asia. Thus has immediate tie ups to strongest economic hubs in the world. Australia not only has excellent education system but has beautiful nature and high standard of living for international students.

Worldwide Approved Degree

Australia Education Degree is accepted worldwide. Not only it is accepted in education sector but also recognized by employers globally. Many graduates from Australia have successfully find jobs and hold leading position globally. Some of the Australian universities rank among top 50 universities worldwide in different ranking systems. The major leading universities in Australia are in the field of Life & Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacy, and Physics. Students have been successful in getting jobs and hold prominent position among various recognized companies worldwide.

Quality Education

Australian Institutes deliver practical training to students that will help in their career prospects once they are graduate. Australia is the one country that recognizes its strength and potential in education sector and constantly works towards more high quality education and align their approach to students need and expectations.

Work Opportunity while Studying

International students in Australia have the study work permit. They can work up to 40 hours fortnight during their semester or during vacations. Once you are done with your graduation you are automatically eligible for your Post Study Work Permit. Your Spouse will be legally allowed to work full time if you are married and studying.

Living Cost

Australia has affordable living cost for international students with standard of living. But the tuition costs are quite high as compared to competitive nations. There are several scholarships program are available that can lower your tuition cost.

Diversity of Culture

Almost 47% of people from other countries reside there. There are many Indians living in Australia and it has multicultural society. It is easy for Indians to live there as they will find many Indians have come for their higher studies.

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