Written by:

Anna Kislova

Meet Esha:
A Planetian in Sydney

This is Esha. Currently she is studying in University of Technology, Sydney (Australia), and besides being a student she is their proud Brand Ambassador.

Studying abroad is a life changing experience full of stories and adventures. We asked Esha few questions about her journey towards big goals and dreams. Let’s begin!

Why and how have you decided to go to Australia?
I was always aspired to go to a different country for my Bachelors and to be honest it was a very tough decision to choose which country I would like to opt for. However, after a lot of brain storming and guidance received from Planet Education I decided to go to Australia. I am glad that I made the right decision of coming here and being into one of the Australia’s best university.

How did your family and friends react on this decision?

It’s always hard to make a decision to stay away from family and friends. But they were very happy and they seemed very positive about my decision. They have always supported me and I am grateful about it.

How is it to live far from your country?
It’s certainly a life time experience. There are good and harsh memories but the best thing is you learn to deal with them. The exposure gained is valuable and I reckon each student at some point in their life must try to live alone and live life independently.

What do you like about studying in Australia?
The practicality and technological driven educational curriculum is the best thing here in Australia. It is extremely important to learn beyond the bookish knowledge and be updated with the real industrial experience in 21st century. I believe along with theoretical knowledge I also possess analytical skills to see things in more realistic and practical way.

What surprised you the most?
Well, nothing as such. Things are quite easy to adapt here in Australia. It has a very welcoming and a flexible ambience.

How do you spend your free time?
I love going for a stroll at the beach and spend some quality time there amidst nature as Australia is known for its rich natural beauty. More frequently, I hang out with my friends and we plan out a dinner or a movie night.

What is your biggest challenge?

I am currently in my final year at UTS and my only challenge is to graduate with decent grades and establish my career in my preferred field.

What is your favorite memory so far?

My favorite memory will always be my first day at my University. I was exposed to my faculties and my subject materials and things seemed quite interesting. Every passing moment that day, constantly made me happy of my decision of coming here and making the best choice of my life.

What recommendations would you give to students willing to study abroad?

The only recommendation would be to learn to be flexible as there are heaps of opportunities and challenges when you decide to move out of your comfort zone. In order to enjoy to the fullest one has to learn to adapt to new situations and learn to be happy with it.