How to fight


when you study abroad?



Written by:

Anna Kislova

Here you are. A bright student studying abroad, striving for new goals and perspectives. Everything seems new and amazing. But after your initial giddiness and wide-eyed wonder disappear, you might start to feel frustration or anxiety. This is called ‘culture shock’. It’s an important and inevitable part of traveling, and the best way to deal with it, is setting your expectations for a culture accurately. Make sure you do your research.

It’s a good idea to reflect on your change in environment when you’re still in your ‘honeymoon phase’.

How to fight home-sickness if/when it does strike ?

Become friends with locals and allow them to translate the most difficult aspects of your new culture.

Keep your friends from your home culture too, which will help you verbalize your doubts and feelings to someone that can truly sympathize.

Everyday make yourself find something you like about the culture. It can be little or big.

Call friends and family.

If you’re feeling lost/lonely and especially homesick, ask for a care package from your family/friends.

Speak to your host university coordinator or counselor.

Be a tourist, check out everything that locals take for granted.

Do something familiar. Hobbies, food, movies. Keep your routine yours.

Walk! Understand the layout of your neighborhood and watch locals live their lives.

Journals are invaluable resources and can give you powerful perspective. This is something that many, many former students and travelers generally can look back upon and be grateful for.

Stay grateful! Not everyone gets such an amazing chance to explore and learn!

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