How important are your language skills?



Written by:

Bhumika Aravatia

Coaching Head – Planet Education

One language sets you in a corridor for life, two languages open every gate along the way to success. Trudging on the path to glory is never a joyful walk, but the obstacles are overcome with a sweet tongue that speaks the hosts language mother-tongue’. The way becomes so smooth that one feels merrily floating instead of walking.

Imagine a Chinese walking up to you with an extended hand and an open palm and asking you ‘Kaise ho?’ in Hindi. The entire attitude towards the Chinese is transformed into camaraderie.

The world is surging ahead faster than the speed of light, hot on heels with the speed of sound is the language universality. One world, one language seems to be buzzword of business. Trade, commerce, relationships all thrive on the language oneness. A multi-linguistic is the one who is in highest in demand today.

Learn a global language!

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