Few tips
applying for Canada student visa


Oct, 2017

Written by:

Ezaz Sojatwala

Few tips before applying for Canada student visa

After getting an admission in University or College in Canada, the next and the most crucial step is to obtain study visa. The Canadian Embassy grants visa to students whom they feel genuine and have focused mind and funds to afford education and living expenses. But on various occasions, although everything being in place, students face visa rejection.

What could be the reason behind the rejection and how to deal with such rejection is the sole purpose of this article. It is very important to know the reasons behind visa rejection in order to apply again or to prevent it in the initial application itself. Generally, the visa officer follows the main pursuant to the IRP Act while granting the visa applications.

Here we list down the top probable reasons for student visa rejection:

  • Lack of sufficient documents like semester marksheets, IELTS scores, fees receipt, medical certificate, visa forms, etc.
  • Low academic scores (< 55%) and/or low IELTS scores (< 6.0 bands).
  • Inability to convince visa officer that includes the fact that the student would leave Canada at the end of the higher studies.
  • Low finances – No GIC step done and/or no education loan.
  • Students failing to give proof that they have strong ties with their home country.
  • Wrong course selection that do not match with the previous studies in home country.
  • The candidate has failed to give proof that their sponsor other than the parents is capable to financially support the cost of studies in Canada.
  • Any pending criminal case or student having serious medical condition.
  • Any military background in the home country?
  • Previous Canada or any other country rejection with strong reasons given behind the rejection.
  • Fake marksheets or fake work experience can also lead to visa rejection which could even lead to ban you from applying again.

Let us give you the valuable tips to avoid student visa rejection

  • Make a checklist of the documents required to obtain study permit. Be proactive and gather all the documents required by the Canadian Government.
  • Complete all the visa forms and don’t keep any important column blank. Fill up all the required details and don’t forget to validate the file at the end.
  • It is mandatory to submit or upload the copy of the offer letter that you received from a recognized Canadian university/college.
  • If applying under SPP, it is suggested to obtain Guranteed Investment Certificate by transferring CAD $10,200 to Scotia Bank. This will confirm your financial abilities.
  • Answer all the questions properly asked on the MYCIC website during visa application.
  • If you have relevant work experience, always show salary slips or bank statement to confirm that your work experience is genuine.
  • Always inform all your travel histories and visa rejections (if you have any) in the visa file.
  • Statement of Intent is one of the most important write up where you will introduce yourself to the visa officer and tell about your academic achievements and your intent to study in Canada. This 250 words write up may make or break your visa file.
  • It is suggested that if you are applying for the first time for Canadian student visa without having much prior knowledge, please take help from a well-experienced education counselor. In Planet Education, our certified professionals would help you fill online visa application and complete all steps in a systematic manner. Our Experienced Counselors will also help you out in editing the Statement of Intent in order to create a strong profile.

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