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July, 2017

Written by:

Dhruv Panchal

Explore marketing. Explore Yourself. Go Global

Marketing”: the word so familiar yet so tricky. People still are scratching their heads to find the proper definition and at the same time people are adding wings to this term. If you ask me what Marketing means to me, I would say that for me marketing is everywhere, the way you eat, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you sit, the way you stand… it’s everywhere. Every time whenever you are outside or inside your home, people are observing you, you are presenting yourself, you are creating an impression about yourself, and you are showcasing yourself so it is very important to create a proper image. That’s one of the features that marketing helps you with to create an image in the mind of the consumer about your product.

In this competitive world “Marketing” cannot be ignored. If you want to conquer the competition or if you want to stand a chance in the competition you need to master the weapon called: Marketing.

Having said that the questions arise “Where to learn Marketing”, “How do I master this giant term called “Marketing”, marketing just cannot be taught from books, it is a completely practical oriented subject which keeps on expanding every day, every minute and every second.

It involves all the factors surrounding you and the most important factor is People.

I myself failed to understand this and got to know this when I joined my corporate Journey. I studied Marketing in India where it was hardly any practical and just theoretical, to give exams and get marks, and what I studied was the same as 50 years old repeated with no changes. But believe me no one asks you or your opinions on this topic unless you run your company even in that case you will consult a professional. This means whatever I studied had a very little use in my practical life. There are a very handful of schools in India which provide you quality education in marketing but even those schools don’t stand a chance when we compare them with the Universities abroad.

Digital Marketing

Hence looking at the entire scenario marketing is better to be studied from the western world which is way ahead of us and our technology. So if you have resources and if you want a successful career in Marketing you should definitely opt for Studying Marketing Abroad.

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