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MBA (Strategic Planning & Leadership)
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Some Countries are called “Developed” , Some call themselves “Developing” and some are called “Under Developed

Why is that? Lets sit back, Let’s dig deep! Why world is so divided? Let’s find 1 core reason!!!

My take is simple ! Very simple!! It’s all about “Education”. A true ” Education (power of knowledge)”.

For me

Developed = Educated Nations

Developing = Educating Nations

Under Developed = Uneducated Nations

Doesn’t matter how much we deny, how much it hurts but it’s a brutal reality!!

Why it’s difficult for youth to understand that 15-20 years of serious education can sort their entire life And while sorting their own life they have a moral obligation to sort others!

An opportunity for yourself is also an opportunity for you to help others!

There is no “Rocket Science” that it’s a duty of an “Educated” to educate the “Educating” and “Educating” to educate the “Uneducated”.

A “Professor” can educate a “Teacher” , A “Teacher” can educate a “Student” but hey even a “student” can educate an “uneducated”!!

“Education” is “knowledge” and Knowledge is power, knowledge is change, knowledge is progress, knowledge is everything!

But Education “knowledge” is useless, if it’s not imparted!

It’s unfortunate that most of the people I studied with in my own country and even overseas and most I know turned out to be quite “Selfish” and they are the reason why my and many other countries are called “Developing” , “underdeveloped” and sometimes a “3rd world countries”.

It was unfortunate that most of the people I know in my life, used their education just for themselves, just to settle down in their own country or aboard by being “selfish”! Even the privileged ones who studied abroad with me, came back to their rich families and all they did was to help themselves to get more richer and I find that extremely selfish!!

Yes it’s a duty of an educated nations to educate the educating nations and educating nations to educate the uneducated nations !! But hey when you are so called “highly educated individual” living in an “developing county” and if you are so “Selfish” only thinking about yourself, how do you expect your nation to “Grow”?

And if you wish to remain “Selfish” so be it, but then just SHUT UP and never complain about your country not being “Developed” and just do not ever talk about “Progress”! Because you are the biggest “hurdle” to your own country’s “Progress”.

What gives me a right to say this?? Well, I have earned it and I am proud to say that me and my team have done our bit by one side transforming thousands of lives in health and wellness but even more so in the field of education, from my university days we have changed lives of more then 15,000 students directly and more then 50,000 students indirectly by making more then 5,000 presentations and seminars across 30 cities and 5 countries trying to show a way forward for youth! And I do hope, pray and urge youth to educate and empower others!

That’s why I always say “Giving is more powerful then Taking”.

I may have multiple businesses but in my heart I am still an “Educationalist” trying to educate and empower as many as I can but most importantly waking and shaking So called Highly educated individuals, who are too self-centred!!

Ask yourself, Who are you? Are you doing your bit ? Are you contributing in any way to your country ? Or you are just one of those “Selfish” individual who all the time is blaming society and government of your country, when you are too busy serving only your personal interests!!!

I don’t care who you are and even more so I don’t care who’s son and daughter you are!! I don’t care if you have nothing, millions or billions!! If you don’t understand your national and social responsibilities as an “Educated Human Being” , I am so sorry but you will have no respect or attention from me or anyone else!!!

“An educated youth is the key to growth of all developing and underdeveloped Nations”.

And it’s never too late to “Change”‘, it’s never too late to Educate and empower , its never too late to contribute and impart knowledge and most importantly it’s never too late to give back to community, to humanity, to your country!!

Written by SANKET SHAH

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