Education in Australia: How to choose the right university?



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Anna Kislova

If you already made a decision to study in Australia, the next step – is to choose the university with a suitable course, location and conditions for you.

The most accurate information can be found on university websites – you should pay special attention to the sections dedicated to foreign students – there you can find information about programs and scholarships.

Quality of education: what are Australia’s best universities?

The easiest way to determine the quality of education – is to use Australian university rankings. However, great importance goes to the quality of specific course. Focusing only on the schools that have high ratings, you may skip good programs of other universities.

Even the most prestigious diploma of the university can’t guarantee employment, that’s why sometimes you should look at the other aspects. Because ratings can sometimes be biased and subjected to change.

One of the factors we can consider is the communication of institution with the business environment, it may increase the chances of getting a job in one of the university partners. It is necessary to know in advance whether your university offers internship opportunities as well.

Location and resources: what’s the best city to study?

Almost all higher education institutions in Australia are located on the east coast. At the same time it does not mean the same conditions would be there: the university can be in a small or big city and in different climatic conditions.

Before you make a choice in favor of a big city or a province, it is necessary to consider the cost of living, which can be a significant factor in big cities. On the other hand, if at the time of study you are going to work – to find a job in the city is easier.

The mix of students in large urban universities tend to be more international, while if you are going to study in provincial cities, you will have more opportunities to communicate with the Australians.

The choice is yours!

It should be borne in mind that the entire process of admission to universities in Australia can take quite a long time.

Professional Assistance for international students is provided by Planet Education throughout the whole process. Please get in touch with any of our offices for further details.

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