Education in Australia: How much does it cost?



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Anna Kislova

Australian institutions are highly ranked and appreciated around the world, and their graduates are in a very high demand in labor market. The country is actively developing international education programs, the algorithm of admission of students from different countries is simplified – no wonder that the knowledge-hungry young people are so willing to rush to the Green Continent.

Language schools, colleges and universities in Australia are famous not only for high quality, but also relatively good prices: study here is much cheaper than, say, in England or the United States.

To give a rough idea of the range of the cost of studying in Australia will help the information below.

Education in Public Schools in Australia -is free, but mostly children of local residents study there. Boarding schools cost for kids from abroad vary from $ 7,800 to $ 30,000 a year – depending on the prestige of the institution.

If your goal is learning English in Australia, you have to keep in mind the tuition fee of about $ 300 per week. Prices may again vary depending on the chosen course, the intensity and duration of the training.

Bachelor Degree will cost from $ 15,000 to $ 33,000 per year. Obtaining a master’s degree will be more expensive – from $ 20,000 to $ 37,000, although there are pleasant exceptions and Scholarships available for International students.

Obtaining a scientific degree of the chosen specialty may require $ 14,000 to $ 37,000 – the price is not higher than for master programs, because it is assumed that you will bring benefits to their university.

Please note that accommodation is not included in the tuition fees and must be paid separately.

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