Aviation CPL – Commercial Pilot License Study in Sydney


September, 2017

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Dhruv Panchal

Aviation CPL – Commercial Pilot License Study in Sydney

Let’s understand what is Commercial Pilot Study License

A Commercial Pilot License is a qualification that accepts the holder to act as a pilot of an aircraft and be paid for his/her work. In other words if you want to become a pilot you need to study CPL and get the license in order to pursue further.

The most essential requirement to obtain the license and the privileges it offers are accepted internationally by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Despite the fact that it is accepted internationally the actual implementation differs from country to country. As per ICAO, to be qualified for a commercial pilot license, the applicant should be able to read, speak, write, and understand English. Candidates who are already holding a Private Pilot License, have done their training in the field of a commercial pilot, and successfully complete their written exams.

Procedure for obtaining the Commercial Pilot Study License

To proceed in obtaining a commercial pilot license, the applicant must first obtain first-class medical certification. The JAA has several approved courses leading to the issue of a JAA commercial pilot’s license with an instrument rating without first obtaining a private pilot’s license. Upon completing those prerequisites the applicant will then receive an exam from the governing aviation body that consists of an oral and practical flight test from an examiner. Applicants for a CPL (airplanes) must also have completed a solo cross-country flight of at least 300 nm with full-stop landings at two airfields other than the pilot’s airfield of origin.

There are different types of commercial pilot licenses issued for the major categories of aircraft: airplanes, airships, balloons, gliders, gyroplanes and helicopters.


Scope of Aviation CPL in Sydney

Institutes offering this course:

  1. SOAR AVIATION:With over 100 years combined experience in the aviation industry, the team at Soar Aviation offer the highest standard of personalized flight training and guidance, their fantastic safety record is the corner stone of our flight training procedures and is passed on to each and every student throughout the syllabus. Not only this, you can be rest assured that our efficient operations management and financing structures ensure that you will not find a lower price per hour of flight training in Victoria or New South Wales.
  2. FLIGHT SCOPE AVIATION:Flight scope Aviation is a registered flight school which operates in conjunction with the requirements of Recreational Aviation Australia Incorporated (RA-Aus.). In Australia RA-Aus administers certification for ultra light, recreational and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) operations. Flight scope Aviation conducts flight training from a student pilot’s first lesson to advanced pilot training. Part-time or full-time training is conducted from our training facility located at Brisbane’s most popular general aviation airfield, Archer field Airport.
  3. AIRBORNE AVIATION:The most important quality of Airborne Aviation is its people and their reputation for treating every customer like a special guest. Customer service is not an added value – it’s paramount.Whether you are looking to obtain your pilot license, upgrade your existing qualifications, or experience the thrill of a joy flight – a dedicated team of pilots and ground staff look forward to providing you with the best possible experience.
  4. SYDNEY AVIATORS:Sydney Aviators is dedicated to the specific needs of self paced local Pilots. Sydney Aviators is conveniently located at the end of Airport Avenue, next to the main terminal at Banks town Airport.  Sydney Aviators is not CRICOS approved for international students.  If you require a student visa, please apply to Basair Aviation College. Their courses are designed to provide you with the experience and qualifications needed to enhance the advancement of your aviation career.The courses are structured to provide value for money rather than the lowest cost, as we have found that the latter is false economy and does little to secure your employment in the industry.  Their team consists of experienced professional instructors and our in-house multi-engine flight simulator further enhances the content quality of our courses, both theory and practical.
  5. UNSW:There are currently over 500 students enrolled in the programs at UNSW Aviation. They range from school leavers to senior management and all have one thing in common – a keen interest in Aviation.Students from the Bachelor of Aviation Program tend to come directly from high school and attend the University on a full time basis, although it is also possible to study management part time. A number of students study in Sydney for the degree whilst working within the industry. Some second year students also spend up to three months completing work-experience with major airlines.Recent graduates from the Bachelor of Aviation have found jobs all over Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Pilots from our Flying program have found instructing and charter work, especially in the Northern Territory and Western Australia with many having been accepted into Qantas, Virgin Australia, Rex, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, and Singapore Airlines. Management stream graduates have found jobs within the likes of Qantas, British Airways, Airport Coordination Australia, Asiana Airlines, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Airservices Australia and IATA.








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