AUG, 2017

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Anna Kislova

Australian Culture: What Should You Know About it?

Australia is a multicultural country with people from all over the world. And it is considered as one of the safest countries in the world with a low crime rate.

Moving to a country with a different culture can be associated with a certain stress, especially during the period of adaptation. Having learned more about Australia and its culture, you will be able to prepare for the move and quickly feel comfortable in the new country.

Life at campus
Perhaps you will be surprised at how informally everything is arranged in Australian universities. Campuses of different universities differ from each other, but, at the same time, there is a friendly atmosphere in all. Many campuses are like large communities, in which all the necessary support is provided to students.

Students here dress in comfortable clothes that match the weather, and university staffs are friendly with students, even on topics not related to the training. Therefore, students should not be shy, asking employees and teachers for any kind of help.



When you meet someone for the first time, a handshake is enough to greet. Australians do not like formalities, so feel relaxed, welcoming another person. Despite the fact that Australians usually greet each other with the traditional “G’day, mate”, do not rush to adopt this habit – on the part of a foreigner such informal greeting may not look appropriate. Students from other countries should use “Hello” and “How are you?” when they meet.

If you are invited to a barbecue or a classmate party, it is worth remembering – every guest should bring with him/her some beverages or drinks. It will also be polite to ask the hosts of the party if they need anything to be brought. If you are invited for a dinner in someone’s house, you should bring flowers or sweets as a gift.

The culture of Australia is mostly western, although the Asian influence is also noticeable here. Moving to another country, be sure to learn its history and culture. For example, it is believed that the Australian aborigines arrived on the continent about 60,000 years ago.



Sports play an important role in Australian culture. Australians are very fond of not only doing sports, but also attending sports events. Even if you do not particularly love sports, here, you will surely join it. Local people do not miss the opportunity to swim in the pool or the sea, and doing surfing here, you will definitely get a new unforgettable experience.

Art and music

In Australia, there are many art galleries and museums, and each state has its own symphony orchestra. Thus, here you will have many opportunities to join the culture and art of this amazing country.

Studying in Australia, with its rich history and culture, will undoubtedly present you with unique impressions and memories that will remain with you for life.

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