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Anna Kislova

One of the main difficulties, which a foreign student often has to overcome – is homesickness. When you move to another country, you can experience culture shock, which is very common.

Here we will share few secrets of how not to miss your home when you study abroad.


Learn something new

Learn something new every day, be busy and spend time usefully. You can start some cooking classes and find out how to prepare local dishes, or you can start new sport. Being involved into something will keep you busy, and bring you positive thoughts.

Explore a new city

When you just left your home, the best way to not get depressed – is going to explore the city. You are in a new culture, in a completely different city, full of amazing sightseeing and people. Go to a museum or an exhibition, go to local market with your class mates or travel somewhere!

Be friendly & make friends

To become a part of the local culture, find friends who have been living in this city for long. And be friends with other international students, who share your feelings and understand how difficult it is for you to get used to life in another country.

Think Positive

Homesickness provokes you only to have negative thoughts. Learn to think positively. Keep a journal, which will describe the positive thoughts, goals, quotes. Or do something you love doing. It really helps!

Discuss how you feel

It may seem that you are alone, but you are not the first one to go through this. Many troubles will end quickly, and you should focus on positive aspects only. Remember, there is nothing wrong if you miss home, you can easily tell your friends about it.

Find a restaurant that has the cuisine of your country

If you miss traditional and home food, find a local store where you can buy ingredients and cook your mom’s special dish, or find restaurant with your local food.

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