5 Ways Study Abroad Helps Foster A Global Outlook


February, 2017

Written by: Amit

5 Ways Study Abroad Helps Foster A Global Outlook

It will completely change your life!
You’ll return as a new person, with a global perspective!

Do these sound familiar! You surely have heard these words from overseas education consultants Pune, to describe the benefits of studying abroad.

As employers increasingly choose graduates who have the cross-cultural competence and an international exposure, the decision to study abroad emerges as one of the best ways to embrace new cultures and possess knowledge of other countries.

The fact is that the right study abroad can make the difference and that’s why reliable and trusted study abroad consultants Pune are the first step to a rewarding overseas education.

5 Ways Foster a Global Outlook By Embracing New Cultures

A recent survey by the Institute for International Education of Students (IES) to explore the long-term impact of study abroad, reveals that 98% students stated that exposure to different cultures served as a catalyst to foster a global outlook and in process value their own culture. Here are 5 ways that students experience an immersive environment in a new culture:

Experience Another Culture First-Hand-

Study abroad provides a great learning experience as you explore another culture first-hand. It gives Indian students the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. While in India, we often have grown within our regional cultures and traditions, the rich cultural diversity in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, London and other helps Indian students learn more about different customs, foods and lifestyles, beliefs, and values, while simultaneously enriching and expanding their horizons.

Make Friends Around The World & Build a Global Network-

Make friends around the world! Build a global network as you connect and establish deep relationships with people from across the globe. Volunteer, intern and proactively seek assignments that allow you to engage with diverse student communities on the campus. The interaction with students from diverse cultures both on-campus and off-campus is a great opportunity for students to build an international network, probably the most valuable outcome of an international education. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone and presumption to proactively interact with diverse nationalities on your campus.

Student Exchange Programs at Universities-

Most universities offer an opportunity to travel, learn and work across different destinations around the world through student exchange opportunities. Not only does it give you an edge over your peers, while overseas on exchange, you also receive credit for the overseas study that usually lasts a semester. As the best study abroad consultants Pune too will vouch, the combination of overseas study and international travel is very enriching opportunity and gives Indian students new insights and perspective of the world.

Gain Value of Your Indian Culture

While embracing new cultures helps you foster a global outlook, it’s also an excellent opportunity to share your own Indian culture with people around the world. Sharing and learning across diverse culture thus fosters a greater perspective and helps you take advantage of the unique opportunities that overseas education presents.

Part-Time Work Opportunities-

Australia, Canada, and others provide you sufficient part-time work opportunities to fund your study, complement your classroom learning and get exposed to real-world business skills. The part-time opportunity is a great way to experience the immersive environment and since you’re surrounded by the language on a daily basis, you are able to learn it quickly.


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