5 TV Shows for Learning English


AUG, 2017

Written by:

Anna Kislova

5 TV Shows for Learning English

Learning a language is always difficult, but there is a great way that can help you start talking fluently without even putting much effort into it. Start watching TV series in English!


5 TV Shows for Learning English

If there are too many conversations in “Mad Men” for you, then ” Two lawyers, one degree” is a great alternative. The series are shot in New York and tell about Mike, whose talent could not be seen and expelled from college. He starts working at Harvey Spector’s law firm, even though he never studied law. Everything is very controversial.


5 TV Shows for Learning English

Surely you already heard about this series. This sitcom is something like “Friends” and “Will and Grace”. A young guy named Ted tells his children how he met their mother. For 9 seasons. But do not be afraid of the duration, just start watching!


5 TV Shows for Learning English

If you wanted to know how the British royal family lives, then this show is especially for you.
The best phrase: “Yes, I’m a queen – but I’m also a woman … and a wife”


5 TV Shows for Learning English

Ghost dramas with a pinch of comedy is definitely not better than “Supernatural”, which has been on TV screens for 10 years already. The series tell about two brothers who hunt ghosts and monsters, and in parallel fight with their own demons (some of them are sincere, and some are quite real, well, because you know) Supernatural.


5 TV Shows for Learning English

It can be the simplest show with the most complex English for understanding and studying. This is a multi-part soap opera shot in a poor area of London, the East End, telling about the relationship between neighbours. If you plan to go to London and want to talk like a local, then this show is just what you need.

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