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Anna Kislova

3 questions with Planet Education Bangalore’s Director

Planet Education, Bangalore is headed by Ashok Mathews, Regional Director for Planet Education in India. He is responsible for strategic direction of higher education, which includes student recruitment, business development and higher education consultancy. Ashok has a rich experience of 11 years, including his last role as Regional Manager, South Asia at the University of South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Prior to that he acquired a Masters degree in Marketing from the same university.

Being a student and staff member at the same university, he gathered thorough knowledge and experience in the field of higher education consultancy. He shares his insights.

Q. In what ways has your experience of studying and working in Australia made a difference to your career?

Ans. Having done part of my education in India the key differential of my experience in Australia is how the education system and study environment pushes you out of your comfort zone straight into the deep end and then you decide how you want to float.


Q. Thanks to technology and Internet, today business and professions are global. From your experience, how important is it to have global / international education?

Ans. I would say the foremost takeaway from international education is networking meeting and learning from people all over the world. Most universities globally welcome international students to ensure cross learning. Students learn to adapt to new cultures and working environments, developing abilities and open-mindedness, among other crucial employabilty skills:

  • It allows for potential work opportunities and building connections through time spent at university
  • Encourages students to develop interpersonal skills
  • Learn to work in multicultural teams
  • Develop problem-solving abilities by looking at situations from others’ perspectives
  • Learn to take responsibility for deliverables


Q. In what way does your experience translate into your work and services at Planet Education

Ans. Having completed my Masters at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and my experience of student recruitment’s for UNSW I have had the opportunity to understand both sides of the table what a student aspires to study and what a university wants in a student profile. I believe this exposure has allowed for me to understand the overseas education system with first-hand experience and share this knowledge with students seeking to pursue education and prepare them in the best possible way through the Planet Suite of services.

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