AUG, 2017

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Anna Kislova

10 Ideas for Working in Australia When You are Still a Student

International students in Australia are allowed to work up to 40 hours fortnightly while the semester is on and full-time during vacations.

And no surprise that a lot of students try to earn extra money while studying in Australia. So what are the professions which are the most popular among students in this country?

1. Restaurant and hotel business


In Australia, there are a lot of cafes, restaurants and hotels, most of which employ students. Usually students work as waiters, helpers in the kitchen, cleaners, etc. Students studying hospitality or cooking can count on higher positions. Work in this area can be difficult physically, but it is very popular among students.

Some of the most popular employers:
Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, Nandoos, Red Rooster, Sumo Salad, Subway, KFC, etc.

2. Retail

Students in Australia often work in the field of trade, there are several large and small retail chains in the country. Students here work as sellers, cashiers, consultants, and also are engaged in cleaning and work in warehouses.

Among the popular employers are Coles, Woolworth, 7eleven, Kmart, ALDI, Reject shop, Safeway, and others.

3. Cleaning


Cleaning is a popular option for work. A student can get a job in a cleaning company or independently offer their services for cleaning various premises.

4. Health and care for the elderly

Health Care

In this area, good salaries are usually offered, and it is especially suitable for those who study medicine and health at the university. To get such work it is important that you do not experience discomfort working with patients and just really want to help them, in some cases, you also need to get a basic certification.

In the field of health care, students are generally accepted for work at hospitals and nursing homes.

5. Petrol stations and car wash

Car Wash

In all the cities of Australia, there are a lot of gas stations and car washes that serve a large number of customers every day. They actively employ students, especially since such work does not require special skills or qualifications.

6. Freelance

Depending on your skills, interests and subjects that you study at the university, you can always find a suitable job in Australia that will give you an excellent experience. For example, you can earn extra money in the field of design, website development, photography, tourism, etc. As a freelancer you can work for yourself or find an employer organization.

7. Taxi services

Taxi Services

Students are not recommended to work in a taxi service, however, this option remains popular among young people. Many taxi services employ students, making minimum demands – you just need to have a driving license and have a good command of English.

8. Teaching and mentoring


If you have the qualifications and knowledge in any field, in Australia you can earn money by teaching as a mentor or assistant teacher. Among the students the most popular are the fields of IT, nursing, etc. Such work gives the student an excellent chance to prepare for the future professional life.

9. Physical work

Finally, physical work is very popular among students in Australia. Healthy and strong young people are looking for companies in the field of construction, repair, cleaning, gardening, furniture and goods, etc., for physical work. You can find work of this type on such sites as Gumtree.

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